Being Busy... that's an understatement

Being Busy... that's an understatement

All to often I forget to stop and smell the roses. I am reminded to enjoy this short life that we have because it really is beautiful, but I always respond with I'm too busy, or I have to get this done. How many of you out there struggle with that as well?

As a business owner, a wife, a new mom and a fur mom the juggling act is a very real part of my day. One of the reasons I started a business from home was so that I could be here when I began to have children. By day I'm an invested mom (and when she naps I sneak in some work), by night I'm up until at least 3 am, but no matter what I'm up at 7 am ready to be mom. Owning a business is HARD WORK - I am the the product developer, label designer, social media guru, email corresponder, inventory monitor, website developer, order full-filler, supply chain manager, display set up crew, and so much more. 

I do my best to wake up and give everyone what they need, and you know who I forget ... MYSELF. Self care is so important; you need to be healthy and rested to tackle all of your busy tasks. I am awful at this.... which is one of the few reasons I started Loil Life. 

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Coming from a family full of cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and many other ailments I did not want to use traditional medicine. I began searching for natural alternatives that would help my body, not just mask the symptoms I was having. To be honest, I didn't want to give myself a shot Through my use of essential oils my disease began to reverse. Now, I'm not saying that all essential oils are created equally so do thorough research please, and I'm not saying medicine doesn't have it's place.. these were just the choices that were right for me and my body. With that said if it wasn't for Frankincense I would still have right sided numbness. I also struggle with differing symptoms if I don't get enough rest... this is why self care is so important for me. 

I struggle with moments where I can't get out of bed because I can't feel my legs, and if I try to stand I timber over. Yes - this brings me a little chuckle because I choose to be positive about it - but it is a serious thing. Aside from my body buzzing, my legs giving out and body numbness there is one moment that gets me emotional. When I was diagnosed I gave myself one day to be sad, to cry, scream and wonder why me ... but then I made a conscious choice to be positive and be a victor not a victim. However, there is one moment that makes me emotional. My daughter is now 8 months, at this time she was around 2-3 months old so of course this being my first child I was just getting on the roller coaster of the parenting learning curve. Plus, I decided to put all the time I wasn't tending to her into my business thinking this has to be successful, it just has to. So needless to say I was exhausted. I had just woken up from a previous day of a challenging baby and a lot of product making. Because I make everything with my hands, and because I was sooooo fatigued sometimes my MS can impede my motor skills, so this particular day I was having issues with my legs. I slowly made my way over to the crib where my little baby was crying because she had just woken up. I went to pick her up and couldn't close my hands. Do you know what its like to not be able to pick your crying child up? So many emotions racing through my brain I called my mom distraught and told her that I needed her to come take care of my child because I couldn't. This moment stands still in time because no matter what I willed my body to do it just wouldn't. Self-care is a necessity for me and creating Loil Life reminds me to make it a priority, and no I'm not always good at it - ask my husband and parents! I have always been a plate over-flowing girl and I'll never change. 

My point is that I want to encourage others to live LOILY to their bodies, choose products, food, exercise, etc that will support your body's natural processes. You only get one so best take care of it and learn to give yourself a little R+R.