Energy Cleansing Kit

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Clear out your space + remove the negative energy. 

There are many ways to smudge, but intention is the most important. Aside from ensuring you have all the elements present. 

  1. EARTH: Sage or Palo Santo 
  2. AIR: Feather (we provide a Turkey feather in our kit)
  3. FIRE: Smoldering of the Sage and/or Palo Santo
  4. WATER: Shell to catch the fallen smolder 

Our energy cleansing kit contains a shell, Large white/brown Turkey Feather, 4" Palo Santo stick, a 4" White Sage stick + 4" Selenite Wand. 

How to cleanse the energy, or "smudge":

  • Light the white sage or Palo Santo and let it catch fire. Extinguish the fire and let the embers smolder (you do not want a flame) allowing the smoke to billow. In each room you choose to clear, open a window to allow negativity to escape. Walk around in a clockwise motion, waving the Palo Santo stick or sage up and down asking for only positivity + light to fill your space. 
  • Use a bowl, or shell to catch the ashes. Set the ashes outside your front door when cleansing is completed. By removing them from your home, you are removing the negative energy. When cleansing is completed, extinguish by rubbing the Palo Santo or sage into earth. 
  • The smoke will not harm you or your pets... just be careful not to get it too close to your smoke detector.  

History of Palo Santo, White Sage and Selenite:

  • Palo Santo - known as "Holy Wood" originated in the Amazon, and was common with the Incas and people of the Andes to cleanse and purify. Palo Santo is naturally fallen wood that lies in the rain forest for 4-10 years before it is harvested. It's medicinal uses are headaches, inflammation, emotional trauma and anxiety. 
  • White Sage - originates from the word salvia meaning to heal. White Sage is commonly used in Native American culture to cleanse, purify + ward off evil spirits, and brings forth wisdom and clarity. 
  • Selenite - this raw piece of selenite is a form of gypsum and is known to cleanse negative energy and promote clarity.  

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