Loily Little is our curated collection for mama and baby. As a mama of two, I understand the importance of selecting honest, natural ingredients during all stages of the experience. The purpose of our products is to provide relaxation and repair for mama, and nurture baby. I can understand the struggles as your body begins to grow and make room for this new little life; your belly becomes itchy as your skin stretches, or stretch marks appear on your legs, stomach, breasts, and many other places you didn’t realize could expand. Throughout these body changes (from pregnancy to postpartum) our Belly Butter is designed to provide your skin the moisture it so desires; plus, it is filled with essential oils to increase circulation and minimize overall scarring.

As you prepare for the moment when your beautiful little bundle comes, you start to collect all the just-in-case items: nipple cream for breastfeeding, diaper rash cream, chest rub, baby powder, teethers, healing salves, etc. It can be tough to go through the trial and error of products until you find something you love. To help keep you stress free we have put together a sample pack of the necessities Boobie Balm, Diaper Rash Cream, Chest Rub and Belly Butter.

Although essential oils show evidence of supporting the body and all its systems, we do omit them from some of our products like the Diaper Rash Cream and Boobie Balm so the products are safe to use from birth. Whereas the chest rub is appropriately diluted beginning at 6 months of age to adulthood. Our diaper rash cream has been a saving grace because it doubles as an all-purpose healing salve. No matter the cut or the scrape, apply a tad of the diaper cream and let the healing begin. If you are looking for a one-stop shop in baby powder and diaper rash minimization the baby bum mask is our take on baby powder. It is a clay-based powder that contains several healing herbs which work to prevent and eliminate diaper rash. Also, among the essential oil free collection is our Boobie Balm. Not only does this balm nurture cracked, aching-nipples it helps to prevent these challenges.

Once your little one hits the 6-month mark, there are a variety of essential oils that are safe in the right dilutions. Our chest rub has several dilutions available from 6 months – 2 years, 2-10 years, and adulthood. We use the chest rub on the bottoms of the feet, chest or under the nose to help with seasonal issues, respiratory colds, or coughs. Think of it as an all-natural vapor rub. If you are still approaching that exciting day and are planning for after birth recovery, we have a few items to help you.

Our Herbal Sitz bath is a collection of herbs to help reduce inflammation, bleeding, pain, chance of hemorrhoids, and scarring for a vaginal delivery. The sitz bath comes with a giant tea bag to contain the contents of the herbal concoction, so you can eliminate tub clean up from your to-do list. Similar to the sitz bath our Perineal Spray helps to cool and calm the inflamed area, and provide immediate relief. After a vaginal delivery the soothing mist will ease your recovery so you can focus on your new little addition!

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