Loil Life Home is our collection of simple, plant-based cleaning products and accessories to make for a healthy, inviting space. Cleaning your home can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large quantity of products, coupled with the headache-inducing smell of chemicals. As a busy mom, I searched for clean options, minimal products, and no more headache. Take the bathroom for example, a variety of surfaces that would require several cleaning products: mirrors, faucets, tubs, countertops, shower doors, shower floors, toilets, or even the floor you walk on (tile, laminate, wood, etc.).

With the Loil Life Home collection I use three products to clean every surface. One of our most versatile products is the All-Purpose Cleaning Spray. Pair it with a paper towel and hot water, and it will make any surface shine; from counter tops to faucets, mirrors, and more the all-purpose cleaner has a refreshing citrus scent and a streak free clean.

The Cleaning Paste is the second product in the cleaning trio that can be used on tubs, rings around drains, calcium build up on the faucets or drink dispensers in the fridge, and tile floors to aid in dirt and grime removal. Five years with light tile floors, although cleaning frequently, the dirt and grime build up with kids and dogs is undeniable. The tile being porous provides the perfect canvas for the dirt to really sink in, and adding a bit of the cleaning paste before our Floor Cleaner provides the extra muscle to make the tile look brand new. Our floor cleaner is a concentrate and can be diluted for a traditional mop/bucket method, can be added to a spray bottle and used before a steam mop, or adapted to your choice of a floor cleaning tool. The best part about the floor cleaner concentrate is that it can be used on any floor type.

The home cleansing trio is the perfect replacement for your entire under-cabinet collection of cleaning products you are eager to replace. Aside from home surfaces, we have also covered a few other daily/weekly household duties: dishes and laundry. For no waste dishwashing, our orange coconut dish soap bar cuts through dirt, grime, and grease to give you a hand-nurturing solution. From dishes to laundry we pivot to a goat’s milk soap based laundry powder. Our laundry powder is a powdered detergent perfect for all skin types. Goat’s milk soap is chosen as the base for this laundry detergent because of its high vitamin contents. Pair the laundry powder with our organic wool dryer balls and reduce dry time, minimize static + eliminate lint – just remember to choose the appropriate number of dryer balls for your load size to see the suggested results. If you are in between laundry loads, and need a quick pick-me-up for your linens we have a few options to give them a refresh.

Our linen spray is infused with essential oils and crafted without water (so you do not have to worry about the possibility of mold). Select Lavender + Lemon if you are looking for a relaxing option to help you wind down at the end of a long day, or get that struggling kiddo to sleep. Choose Citrus Eucalyptus for a sensory awakening, or mental refocus throughout the day. Your sense of smell can influence your mood and productivity; a warm Vanilla Bean candle is my go-to scent to kick back and relax. My Boyfriend’s Tee is a great option if you are looking for your home to smell as if you finished cleaning.

With a wide variety of scents, both year-round and seasonal, our soy candles and wax melts provide a natural option for home ambiance. The crackling wooden wick at the center of each of our candles mimics a small fireplace, and helps to calm and soothe your mind. The soy that surrounds the wick is slow burning, paraben/phthalate/sulfate free, and washes with soap and water so when you are through burning you can reuse or recycle the jar (with us!).

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