Loil Life Skincare is where my passion came to life. Utilizing herbs and essential oils to provide options that are organic, affordable, and would not cause your skin to break out if you missed a day in your regimen. As someone with sensitive skin I struggled with these issues for years. When I found my way to essential oils and began infusing them with herbs and local products, like honey, I noticed a profound change.

From our Foaming Face Cleanser to our newest (and a product I am incredibly proud of) Face Cream you will see transformation even if you miss a day. We all get busy and sometimes are frankly too tired to wash off our makeup, and honestly THAT’S OK! Loil Life Skincare consists of a vast amount of handmade, herb and essential oil infused products. As an Arizona native, I know first-hand how important skincare is, especially after spending a day outdoors and getting burned to a crisp. Our After-Sun Mist and After Sun Salve were created in case you forget to apply your Mineral Sun Butter (sunscreen) and your skin really needs some TLC. The mist is designed to cool that warm, irritated skin and the salve locks in the moisture keeping the elasticity in your skin. The last thing you want is for your skin to feel stiff and hot – so this mighty duo brings the relief.

Speaking of sunburns, have you ever had sunburned lips? How about windburn or extremely chapped? We have a variety of regular and tinted lip balms, but our Mint de Jour Lip Balm will be the chap stick that can fix it all. Infused with peppermint essential oil, its repairing properties will help in daily use, or those special circumstances where you need a little extra love. Pair it with our peppermint lip scrub too, and your lipstick will go on smooth for a night out. For all the day-to-day skincare needs, we have a regimen that is quick, easy, and effective.

Our Foaming Face Cleanser only requires a few pumps to bring you an oil free and sudsy cleanse, following with our moisturizing Face Toner. With only 2 drops you will feel the gentle tingle and your skin will be left feeling moisturized. Our Dark Spot Roll-On is our take on a face serum focusing on those under eye circles, or acne scarring; paired with the Rose Quartz Face Roller to help with minimizing pores, contouring, relaxation and overall lymphatic health. For daytime we end this regimen with our Mineral Sun Butter before applying makeup (or just go without). It is a mineral based sunscreen that doubles as a moisturizer; for nighttime, we end the regimen with our Face Cream carefully cultivated with ingredients to give you that fresh facial feeling. You will wake up with your skin feeling brighter and nourished.

Another fun step to add a couple times a week to your nightly skincare routine is an exfoliant and face mask. Not only is this great for your skin, but it can really force you into giving yourself that much needed selfcare time. Our organic sugar scrub comes in three essential oil combinations and is finely ground so it can be used from head to toe. It is also an amazing addition in the shower to use on your legs to prevent those pesky razor bumps.

We also have a variety of options for all skin types and textures in our face mask collection. Whether you have sensitive skin, are looking to smooth overall texture, redness, or deep clean those pores we have six powdered clay mask formulations. Each mask yields multiple uses, and can be mixed with either water, oil or even a face serum – sit back, relax and enjoy the selfcare! Even though we tend to focus on our face the rest of the body is important as well. Moisturization is key to keeping the skin soft and supple – beginning with the soap we use and the moisturizer that follows. The body can be stripped of significant oils simply by body wash, so our crafted line of Goat’s Milk Bar Soap provides an option that will not strip the skin of those necessary oils, plus will replenish vitamins to the skin. Our whipped body butter provides luxurious, grease-free moisture to the body, and can be applied from the neck down. If you are on-the-go and need a handy in the purse moisturizer, try one of our deodorant minis. Not only does it provide you with a chemical free option for your underarms, it can touch up any areas of dryness throughout the day. Another great multi-purpose item is our Hand Sanitizer spray. Perfect for sanitizing, moisturizing hands, or even spritzing on bug bites to relieve the itch! In case you are wanting to avoid the anti-itch and skip our After-Bite Salve, or the Hand Sanitizer option, try our Bug Off spray. Nothing better than keeping away those pesky insects! After a long day, maybe even one spent in the yard battling mosquitoes, grab a bath bomb or bathtub tea (my personal favorite because there is no clean up), sit back and soak up the relaxation in your tub! Or for all my shower people out there, toss a shower steamer in the corner of the shower and inhale the stress relief!

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